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Florida law allows dog bite victims to seek damages and compensation for their injuries from the dog owner. Learn more about what you need to prove and how you can file a claim by talking to our Cape Coral dog bite injury lawyer at Greene & Tischler.

Dog bite injuries should be taken seriously. Even a simple bite can cause infections, scarring, costly medical treatment, and cause you to miss a significant amount of work. Most severe dog attacks can lead to disfigurement, psychological trauma, and even death. We cannot stress how important it is that you file a claim to recover compensation for your losses. The road to recovery may be long, but our team is here to make sure you are equipped with the financial resources you need.

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Florida's Strict Liability Law

In Florida, dog owners are liable for any injuries that result from the actions of their dog. This includes whether or not the dog has a prior history of attacking others or prior aggression. Their liability exists solely based on the fact that their dog is the one that bit someone.

You may be able to seek damages for your dog bite if:

  • You were lawfully on the premises, or
  • You were bitten in a public place, or
  • The dog owner exhibited negligence, such as failing to put the dog on a leash

In Florida, certain breeds are banned, and this can factor into an owner's negligence during a dog bite claim.

If you were on a private property as a trespasser or if you were somehow provoking the dog, then you may be disqualified from filing a claim. To see whether you are able to file a claim, just talk to our attorney.

Seek Compensation with Our Cape Coral Dog Bite Attorney

Victims often find it difficult to deal with insurance companies or may be surprised to learn that an insurance company does not provide coverage for dog bite liability. This is why having the help of a dog bite lawyer is so essential. Not only can we help you prepare a claim from start to finish, but we can also explore the many different ways you can recover damages for your losses.

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