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Products that make it to stores and shelves must be safe for consumers. When companies fail to ensure that their products are free of dangerous defects or designs, then they can be held responsible for the injuries that occur as a result of using their product. If you have been injured after using a product, make an appointment to talk to our Cape Coral product liability lawyer at Greene & Tischler to see how we can help.

You may have a product liability claim if you were injured by a product with:

  • Manufacturing defects (such as poor material quality or contamination)
  • Design defects (dangerous design)
  • Marketing defects (such as inadequate warnings, lack of instructions, or poor labeling)

It is important that you also keep the product in question so an expert can examine it. If a product has been modified by you or someone else to create the defect, then the manufacturer may not be liable.

From serious burn injuries, brain injuries, quadriplegia to paralysis, defective products can cause a wide range of severe injuries that require costly medical care. For many victims, life is never the same. Make sure you have what you need to recover financially and medically.

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Why File a Product Liability Claim?

Consumers are protected by product liability laws, which allow victims of dangerous or defective products to be compensated for negligence of a manufacturer or seller. Chances are, if you have been injured by a dangerous product, you are not alone. When companies rush a product to market without adequate testing, thousands and even millions of consumers could be affected. By coming forward and filing a claim, you can help to prevent other consumers from suffering injuries.

Not only can you hold the negligent manufacturer or seller responsible under the law, but you can also seek the compensation you need to cope with your injuries. Your injury claim can include costs for medical treatment, missing wages, and other damages. This can allow you to recover from your injuries with peace of mind.

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